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Tunable Nanosecond Lasers – OPOs

Peacock XT

The new PEACOCK XT continues with our philosophy to provide reliable and user-friendly tunable laser systems for a wide range of applications. The Peacock XT provides high energy nanosecond pulses with continuous VIS to IR wavelength coverage. Our robust all-solid-state technology provides intuitive features and interfaces that allow for easy OEM machine integration as well as for convenient usage in research labs. [More]


The Peacock is a compact, single-box, all integrated, pulsed Laser-OPO system. State-of-the-art, flashlamp pumped laser technology paired with GWU’s latest broadband OPO technology provide high-efficient near IR laser output. The Peacock is a worry-free tool for all users in photoacoustic imaging, medical, biotechnology or spectroscopy applications. [More]


The M-nano-OPO is a compact, single-box, all integrated, pulsed Laser-OPO system. The state-of-the-art diode-pumped (DPSS) laser technology has been designed to be operated purely air-cooled. Paired with GWU’s latest mid-band OPO technology, the M-nano-OPO is providing high-efficient, gap-free tunable 660-1300 nm laser output. [More]


The primoScan is GWU’s high-end OPO, available in broadband and midband configuration. Pumped at 355 nm it provides widest tunability from the UV across the visible to the infrared spectral range with highest output energies. The fast switching capability allows for changing its wavelength from shot-to-shot across the entire range. The modular design of the primoScan ensures the optimum versatility for almost any application. [More]


The GWU basiScan is a compact and cost-efficient broadband OPO pumped at 355 nm. Tunable across the visible to the Mid-IR spectral range with a simple and reliable design, the basiScan is a easy-to-use entry-level device. [More]


The versaScan-L532 is a versatile 532 nm pumped OPO. Its near-IR wavelength range is perfectly suitable for the excitation of biomolecules. Available in broadband and midband configuration in a rugged design, it is the perfect work horse in any lab. [More]

Change the Color of Light to Expand your Possibilities!

Laser radiation is driving groundbreaking research and development in almost any industrial and scientific field. Light-matter interaction is mostly sensitive to the wavelength of the light. Working with fixed-wavelength laser sources is limiting the flexibility of many applications. The possibilities can be vastly extended by using a laser source with tunable wavelength. – Don’t compromise! –

Widely tunable Laser systems form the pioneer of OPO technology

GWU-Lasertechnik is the pioneer of commercial Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPO) based on BBO. Our first model OPO-A was introduced to the market in 1989. From these early days, our tunable nanosecond laser devices have been continuously improved and developed, always with our philosophy in mind to provide rugged laser systems with maximum reliability. Today, our 5th and 6th generation of OPOs are matured tunable nanosecond laser devices, providing pulsed light from the deep-UV to the mid-IR spectral range. Our sophisticated optical and mechanical design and our soft pumping scheme ensure excellent performance and longest lifetime. With all-solid-state laser technology the GWU-OPOs are serving even most demanding applications in science and industry!

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The GWU scanSeries OPO are distributed worldwide by Quantel Lasers by Lumibird.