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GWU-Lasertechnik – Best of Photonics

Since more than 30 years GWU-Lasertechnik are well known experts for crystals, optics and non-linear frequency conversion. Due to its competence and superior service, GWU has established a broad base of satisfied customers in the industrial branch as well as in scientific research facilities worldwide. GWU offers laser crystals and optical non-linear crystals, optics and laser components with a broad variety of specifications. As a pioneer, GWU introduced the first commercial BBO Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) worldwide to the market in 1989. Three decades later, our latest generation of tunable lasers for short and ultra-short pulses are matured devices for a huge variety of applications.

GWU’s dedicated service helps to find the best core components for your application. Since GWU is not only a distributor but also a well-known manufacturer of laser devices, a wide knowledge and in-field experience can be shared to the advantage of its customers.

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