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Peacock XT
Peacock XT

Widely Tunable All Integrated Laser System

Most Advanced Laser Technology

The new PEACOCK XT continues with our philosophy to provide reliable and user-friendly tunable laser systems for a wide range of applications. The Peacock XT provides high energy nanosecond pulses with continuous VIS to IR wavelength coverage. Our new and unique automated tuning offers fast shot-to-shot wavelength switching across the entire tuning range. Energy measurement and attenuation as well as fiber-coupling capability are integral parts of the Peacock XT series. Our robust all-solid-state technology provides intuitive features and interfaces that allow for easy OEM machine integration as well as for convenient usage in research labs.

The Peacock XT is a 355 nm pumped Laser-OPO package, seamlessly integrating Quantel’s Q-Smart 450 and Q-Smart 850 lasers. Nanosecond pulses with a peak energy of up to 90 mJ in the 405 nm to 2850 nm wavelength range at 10 Hz or 20 Hz are available.

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The PEACOCK series tunable Lasers are joint products of GWU-Lasertechnik and Quantel Lasers by Lumibird, combining decades of experience in Lasers and nonlinear optics.

  • Peacock XT Features and Benefits:

    • All integrated, compact YAG-OPO system
    • Fast shot-to-shot wavelength tuning
    • Real-time OPO energy measurement
    • Fully automated for hands-free ooperation
    • Fiber-delivery or free-space output option
    • Integrated wavelength measurement
    • Soft pumping scheme for high reliability and long lifetime

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Peacock XT
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