Non-Linear Crystals

GWU offers all standard NLO crystals as well as new, innovative materieals with a wide range of specifications from Castech:

Laser Crystals – GWU

GWU offers all standard laser crystals as well as sophisticated new materials with a wide range of specifications from Castech:

Periodically-Poled Crystals

GWU offers bulk and waveguide PPLN and PPLT from the pioneer of periodical-poling, HC Photonics (HCP):

30 Years of Crystal Experience

GWU-Lasertechnik offers all common laser crystals and standard non-linear crystals with a braoad variety of specifications. Beside the well-established materials, innovative crystals with outstanding properties for e. g. deep-UV generation or high-power ultrashort pulse lasers are available. Crystals and optical components are manufactured by GWU’s partner Castech Inc. The outstanding quality and design flexibility of Castech’s optical crystals and coatings is well-known, supplying thousands of laser manufacturers and researchers worldwide.

Beneath birefringent crytaline materials for frequency conversion, GWU’s range also includes periodically poled crystals from the pioneer commercial of PPLN, HC Photonics. Besides periodically-poled chips, as bulk or waveguide, for self-integration, our portfolio includes ready-to-use devices (Mixers), free-space or optionally fiber coupled.