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Cesium Lithium Borate
BiBO Bismuth Triborate

Cesium Lithium Borate (CsLiB6O10, CLBO) is a newly developed crystal with excellent nonlinear UV features. Compared to BBO, it has a higher spectral and temperature acceptance, larger angle tolerance and smaller walk-off angle. The transparency ranges down to 180 nm. These advantages make CLBO a perfect material for UV and deep UV applications, such as semiconductor inspection, micro-processing, bio-medical or UV-LIDAR. To prevent any damage due to CLBO’s sensitivity to moisture, sealed crystal mounts can be provided. These ensure an easy-to-use application and a long lifetime of the crystals.

No matter if individual pieces for R&D purposes are required or cost-efficient numbers in small, medium or large batches with in-time delivery for the production line are needed: GWU’s dedicated service helps to find the best core components for your application.

  • CLBO Key Features:

    Wide deep-UV transmission down to 180 nm
     Large effective NLO coefficients
     Wide acceptance angle
     Small walk-off
     No saturation effects for high-power UV generation
     Sealed crystal mount available