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PPLN Waveguides
PPLN Waveguides

By manufacturing a waveguide structure into a PPLN crystal, the interacting light is concentrated in a small area, increasing the power density significantly. Thus PPLN waveguide chips provide a much higher conversion efficiency, enabling applications with a very low power level, e. g. in single photon conversion. To satisfy the requirements of different apllications, waveguide chips can be provided in two different configurations:
1- Proton in-diffused (RPE) Waveguides – benefitial for long crystals and low losses.
2- Ridge-Waveguides – high damage threshold, excellent confinement, low losses.

For standard applications, PPLN Waveguide Chips are available from stock (see table below). For any further requirements, please contact us freely to find the best PPLN Waveguide solution for your application!

  • PPLN Waveguide Key Features:

    • RPE or Ridge-Waveguide structures available
     Standard PPLN Waveguide Chips in stocks for fast shippin
     Tailored QPM gratings for visible light generation to mid-IR generation
     Uniform and chirped QPM gratings available
     QPM structures for up-conversion (SHG/SFG) and down-conversion (DFG/ OPA/OPG/OPO)

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