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Laser Crystals
Nd:YVO4– Neodym-Vanadate


Nd:YVO4 is the most efficient laser crystal for diode-pumping. The outstanding properties enable versatile DPSS-laser sources [More].

Nd:YAG – Neodymium-doped YAG

Nd:YAG – Neodym-YAG

Nd:YAG is maybe the most famous laser crystal. The outstanding properties are well-suited for near-infrared solid state lasers [More].

Yb:YAG – Ytterbium-YAG

Yb:YAG – Ytterbium-YAG

Yb:YAG is a promising material for diode-pumped, high-power lasers [More].

Yb:CALGO – Ytterbium-CALGO


Ytterbium Calcium Aluminum Gadolinium Oxide (Yb:CaGdAlO4, called CALGO) is a promising new laser gain material which possesses several important advantages. The crystal structure is tetragonal. [More].

More Crystals

More Crystals

Nd:YLF, Nd/YB:KGW, Ho:Cr:TM:YAG, Ti:Sapphire, … [More].

GWU offers all common laser crystals (Nd:YVO4, Nd/Yb:YAG, …) with a broad variety of specifications. Besides the well-established materials, innovative crystals with outstanding properties can open new horizons for demanding laser applications. Crystals and optical components are manufactured by GWU’s partner Castech Inc. The outstanding quality and design flexibility of Castech’s optical crystals and coatings is well-known, supplying thousands of laser manufacturers and researchers worldwide.