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PPLN Chips
PPLN Chips

PPLN bulk chips are available in a broad variety of configurations. For common laser applications more than 150 QPM gratings are on stock as standard items with fast shipping. This includes crystals for up-conversion (SHG/SFG) or down-conversion (DFG/OPA/OPG/OPO) with uniform, multiple and fan-out QPM structures. For further information, please refer to our Product Specification and Selection Guide below.’

Also, customized chips, tailored for special applications and specification beyond current standards, are available. Please feel freecontact us to benefit from our superior customer service to find the best PPLN crystal for your application.

  • PPLN Chips Key Features:

    • > 150 standard QPM structures in stock
     Tailored QPM gratings for visible light generation to mid-IR generation
     Single gratings, multiple gratings and fan-out gratings available
     Customized crystals, tailored for your requirements:
    – QPM period 2 µm – 1000 µm
    – Crystal length 0.3 mm – 80 mm
    – Thickness 0.2 mm – 5 mm
    – Width 0.1 mm – 40 mm
    – multiple gratings, aperiodic (e. g. chirped) gratings, fan-out gratings, …
     Standard and customized coatings for all crystals
     Crystal submounts, ovens and temperature controlers available, perfectly suitable for all PPLN products

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