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The GWU basiScan is a compact and cost-efficient broadband OPO pumped at 355 nm. Tunable across the visible to the Mid-IR spectral range with a simple and reliable design, it is an easy-to-use entry-level device. The basiScan has been reduced to the basic components. The result is a simple and rugged OPO with manual wavelength control by a micrometer screw.

Following GWU’s design philosophy, the basiScan OPO is using a soft pumping scheme with low fluence, ensuring maximum reliability. Moreover, the BBO crystals are coated with an advanced “p-coating” – a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects for maximum lifetime. Our advanced optical and mechanical design ensures optimum performance and is virtually maintenance-free.

basiScan Features and Benefits:
Simple and reliable design
Compact footprint
Wide wavelength coverage: 410 nm – 2500 nm
Standard and high efficiency (HE) version available
Output Energy up to 50 mJ / 80 mJ (HE version)
Pump energy 80 – 280 mJ, repetition rate 1 – 30 Hz
Soft pumping scheme for high reliability and long lifetime
Adaptable to most commercial Nd:YAG lasers

Contact us for further information! The GWU scanSeries OPOs are distributed worldwide by Lumibird.

Data Sheet:

Typical Tuning Curve
Typical Linewidth
Dimensions and Properties
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