The primoScan is GWU’s high-end OPO, available in broadband and midband configuration. Pumped at 355 nm it provides widest tunability from 190 nm to 2750 nm and highest output energies. The fast-switching capability allows for changing its wavelength from shot-to-shot across the entire range with < 100 ms shifting time. The modular design of the primoScan ensures the optimum versatility for almost any application. Additional features, e. g. a common port for all wavelengths, are available. All options, including UV generation, are integrated in one single box.

The broadband (/BB) version of the primoScan offers an extraordinary efficiency, allowing for the highest output energy on the market together with a wide tunability across the visible to the mid-IR spectral range.

The midband type OPO is employing the ultra-low divergence (/ULD) technology, providing an excellent beam quality, highest UV efficiencies and gap-free tuning from 190 nm to 2750 nm.

Following GWU’s design philosophy, the OPOs of the primoScan series are using a soft pumping scheme with low fluence, ensuring maximum reliability. Moreover, the BBO crystals are coated with an advanced “p-coating” – a layer that protects the crystal surface from degradation due to environmental effects for maximum lifetime. Our advanced optical and mechanical design grants for optimum performance and is virtually maintenance-free.

primoScan Features and Benefits:
 Fully integrated midband and broadband OPO
 Ultra-low divergence version available
 Widest tuning range 190 – 2750 nm
 Single output port for the entire tuning range
 Fully automated control standard for hands-free operation
 Fast shot-to-shot wavelength switching at < 100 ms
 Soft pumping scheme for high reliability and maximum lifetime

Contact us for further information! The GWU scanSeries OPOs are distributed world wide by Lumibird.

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