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Non-Linear Crystals

Beta-Barium Borate

BBO provides high non-linear optical properties from the UV across the visbile to the IR spectral range [More].

Lithium Triborate

LBO is an excellent non-linear material for a wide variety of applications [More].

KTP – Potassium Titanyl Phosphate

KTP is an ideal crystal for e. g. frequency doubling and (Mid-)IR applications [More].

KTA – Potassium Titanyl Arsenate

KTA is an excellent non-linear optical crystal for DFG and OPO applications [More].

BiBO –
Bismuth Borate

BiBO is a newly developed crystal with high non-linearity perfectly suitable e. g. for the generation of visible light [More].

CLBO – Cesium Lithium Borate

CLBO is a newly developed crystal with outstanding deep-UV features [More].

More Crystals

RTP, (MgO)LiNbO3, KD*P, KDP, LiIO3, … [More].


Oven and Temperature Controllers from Castech, perfectly suitable for all NLO crystal products [More].

GWU-Lasertechnik offers all standard non-linear crystals with a braoad variety of specifications. Beside the well-established materials, innovative crystals with outstanding properties for e. g. deep-UV generation or high-power ultrashort pulse lasers are available. Crystals and optical components are manufactured by GWU’s partner Castech Inc. The outstanding quality and design flexibility of Castech’s optical crystals and coatings is well-known, supplying thousands of laser manufacturers and researchers worldwide.