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PPLN Mixers

PPLN Bulk Mixer

The Bulk Mixer Modules are based on the standard PPLN chips. They offer high power capability in a compact and cost-efficient package. [More]

PPLN Waveguide Mixer

The Waveguide Mixer Modules are based on the waveguide PPLN chips. They offer highest conversion efficiency in singel-pass configuration in a compact and easy-to use package. [More]

PPLN Cavity Mixer

The Cavity Mixer Modules intergrate the PPLN technology in a cavity design, thus allowing for intra-cavity OPO or SFG and OPO applications. [More]

PPLN Pulse Mixer

PPLN Pulse Mixers are optimzed for the unique demands of nano-, pico-, or even femtosecond operation. [More]

Periodically-poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) crystals provide a high non-linear gain and thus allows for highest conversion efficiencies even for smallest input powers. For an easy-to-use application we offer PPLN crystals in a convenient, compact, robust and cost-effective packaged format: The PPLN Mixers. Besides being plug & play devices, the Mixers are widely customizable in wavelength and are available in free-space or fiber-coupled configurations. With integrated waveguide technology, the PPLN Mixers provide highest efficiency in single-pass conversion.

The PPLN Mixer modules are available in different configurations, meeting the needs of nearly any application. Please download the Mixer Brochure for more information.