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PPLN Bulk Mixer

Bulk Mixers provide the PPLN bulk technology in a convenient, ready-to-use and robust package. Basically, all QPM grating structures available for bulk chips can be used in a mixer setup. The plug & play devices can be factory-configured as free-space, free-space to fiber, fiber to free-space or fiber to fiber configuration. The PPLN bulk mixers provide polarization-maintaining output, either in free-space or fiber-coupled configuration. The wavelength output ranges from the UV and visible spectrum to the near-IR and mid-IR. With a high conversion efficiency, multi-Watt output power levels can be achieved.

PPLN Bulk Mixer Key Features:
 Single-pass high conversion efficiency
 Various mixing configurations available: SHG, SFG, DFG, cascaded processes, …
 Output from the UV/VIS to the NIR/Mid-IR
 Fiber-coupled or free-space input/output interfaces
 Automated temperature optimization and power control available
 Compact, robust, cost-efficient and customizable

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