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PPLN Cavity Mixer

The Cavity Mixer Modules integrate the PPLN technology into a cavity design, thus allowing for intra-cavity DFG or SFG and OPO applications or further enhancement of nonlinear frequency conversion. For your application convenience, we can provide cavity mixer platform which can be customized to a variety of mixer applications, such as external pump OPO (EP-OPO), intra-cavity OPO (IC-OPO), intra-cavity SFG (IC-SFG), intra-cavity DFG (IC-DFG), etc. Example applications are for generating NIR signal wavelengths between 1.4-2 um and MIR idler wavelengths between 2.3-4.5 um.

PPLN Cavity Mixer Key Features:
Cavity enhanced, high efficiency output, customized for specific input
Output available from UV/VIS to NIR/mid-IR
Fiber-coupled or free-space input/output available
Automated temperature optimization and power control available
Compact, robust and customizable

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