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PPLN Pulse Mixer

PPLN Pulse Mixers are optimzed for the unique demands of nano-, pico-, or even femtosecond operation.Under high peak power operation, conversion efficiency in general can be relatively high and even enable OPA/OPG applications. However, crystal damage, pulse spectrum, and temporal walk-off effect in general needs to be taken into special consideration. We can provide several pulse bulk/waveguide mixers with optimization of above special pulse conditions.

PPLN Pulse Mixer Key Features:
Tailored for nanosecond Q-switched lasers or pico-/femtosecond ultrafast lasers
Optimized spectral bandwidth, temporal walk-off and demage threshold
Various mixing configurations availabel: SHG, SFG, DFG, OPO, OPG, …
Output from the UV/VIS to the NIR/Mid-IR
Fiber-coupled or free-space input/output interfaces
Automated temperature optimization and power control available
Compact, robust, cost-efficient and customizable for a broad variety of applications

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