January 2021

GWU-LASERTECHNIK is pleased being able to announce a new worldwide partnership with LUMIBIRD for the distribution of Optical Parametric Oscillators and solid-state lasers.

With immediate effect, the GWU product line of Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPO) will be distributed by Lumibird, who is Europe’s leading manufacturer of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers.

GWU’s primoScan, basiScan and versaScan OPOs will be pumped by the lasers of Lumibird’s Q-Smart or Merion series, providing extended tunability from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared spectral range. The alliance between the agility and reliability of Lumibird lasers and the performance of the GWU OPOs will provide new and exciting solutions to meet the demanding applications of the scientific community in spectroscopy, instrumentation, or medical applications.

“The signature of this partnership with GWU-Lasertechnik, a leader in OPO solutions design, allows Lumibird to propose its customers one of the most complete offering in tunable solution” says Gérard Le Cam, VP Customer Care of Lumibird. “Both companies share the highest standards in quality and performances. The solutions brought together will, for sure, become the benchmark in spectroscopy and medical applications”. “We are looking forward to this new partnership especially because Lumibird stands for reliability and excellent service just like GWU does” adds Dr. Rainer Brünger, CEO of GWU-Lasertechnik. “We are certain that our customers will benefit from our joint experience and expertise.”

Key Features of GWU-Lumibird’s pulsed YAG-OPO devices:
Tunability from UV (190 nm) to mid-IR (2.7 µm)
Fast and accurate wavelength switching
High energy when pumped by the Lumibird Q-smart series
High rep rate when pumped by the Lumibird Merion series

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