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Tunable Ultrafast Laser Devices

UHG – Ultrafast Harmonic Generator

The Ultrafast Harmonic Generator (UHG) series are flexible pico- and femtosecond laser sources for versatile applications. By means of second harmonic generation (SHG), third harmonic generation (THG) and fourth harmonic generation (FHG) not only the wavelength range but also the versatility of NIR lasers can be vastly extended. Complete automation for hands-free operation and integrated pulse picking are optionally available. The complete functional range is integrated in one compact box. In combination with widely tunable pump lasers, e. g. MKS Spectra Physics’ InSight, virtually gap-free tuning from UV to IR can be provided. [More]

PSK – Ultrafast PulseSelector

The GWU Ultrafast Pulse Selector offers a Bragg cell for the highest output powers and contrast ratio. The system is capable for femto- and picosecond pulses with high input powers, without requiring any attenuation. Integral pulse selecting from single shot to 40 MHz with adjustable contrast ratio is possible by convinient software control. [More]

Customized Femto & Pico Devices

Because of its long experience in non-linear optics and in designing rugged and reliable laser devices, GWU can provide tailored solutions for generating and manipulating tunable ultrashort laser pulses at almost any wavelength. No matter if a tailored harmonic generator or an OPO/OPA for an arbitrary ultrafast pump source is required, contact us for discussing your requirements to find the best solution for your application! [Contact]

Due to the vast expertise in non-linear optics and laser application, GWU is able to provide tailored solutions for generating and manipulating tunable, ultrashort laser pulses at almost any wavelength. We started our product series of ultrafast devices already in 1993. The “Flexible Harmonic Generator (FHG)” Series as well as the KTP/Synchro ultrafast OPO Series for Ti:Sapphire Oscillators were distributed by our OEM partner Spectra Physics. With our new “Ultrafast Harmonic Generator (UHG)” Series for widely tunable femto- and picosecond lasers, we continue this long-lasting partnership, providing state-of-the-art pico- and femtosecond frequency conversion devices.