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Ultrafast Pulse Selector
Ultrafast Pulse Selector

The pulse selector option for the UHG-Series offers a Bragg cell for the highest output powers and contrast ratio. The system is suitable for femtosecond and picosecond pulses with high input powers, without requiring any attenuation. Integral pulse selecting from single shot to 40 MHz with adjustable contrast ratio is possible by a convenient software control. The UHG Pulse Selector is either available as standalone version or it can be integrated in our Harmonic Generator, where it is positioned before all harmonic stages to offer all features in a single compact housing. The UHG series is a flexible system suitable for a variety of scientific applications requiring access to a wide spectrum of femtosecond or picosecond laser pulses.

The GWU Pulse Selector has been designed for and thoroughly tested with Spectra Physics ultrafast lasers. The UHG-Series is distributed worldwide exclusively by MKS Spectra Physics.

UHG Pulse Selector Features and Benefits:
 Modular design: Standalone version or integrated in our Harmonic Generator
 High pulse picking efficiency
 Adjustable contrast ratio
 Suitable for high fs/ps power without any attenuation
 Convenient and user-friendly software control

Data Sheet:

Pulse Picking
Typical Tuning Curve
UHG-PSK Performance
Burst Mode
Typical performance
Dimensions and Properties
Dimensions and requirements
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