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PPLN Chips & Waveguides

PPLN Chips

Bulk PPLN chips are available for a wide range of applications employing up-conversion (SHG/SFG) and down-conversion (DFG/OPA/OPO/OPG). The chips are easy to use and can handle high optical power. [More]

PPLN Waveguides

PPLN waveguide chips use a waveguide structure to guide the interacting light in a small area. This allows for a high conversion efficiency, even at low input power. [More]

The periodically-poled crystals are available as bulk or waveguide chips. PPLN bulk chips are easy to use and can handle higher optical power (up to a few Watts or more). PPLN waveguide chips provide much higher conversion efficiency (although with some limitation in power handling). Standard bulk/waveguide chips in stock are ready to be shipped to you upon your order; special custom chips are tailored to your specific applications or with specs beyond current industry standard. In addition, we also provide PPLN chip-on-submount solutions for your handling/integration convenience.