Shows an overview about the articel: prmoScan OPO with fast Shot-to-Shot Tunability

GWU-LASERTECHNIK primoScan OPO with fast Shot-to-Shot Tunability.

GWU-Lasertechnik is a pioneer of the OPO technology. We introduced our first device into the market in 1989! It was the first commercial OPO based on BBO. From these early days, the GWU OPO devices have been continuously improved and developed, always with our philosophy in mind to provide rugged, widely tunable laser systems with maximum reliability.

Today, our 5th generation of tunable lasers are matured devices, providing tunable radiation from the deep-UV to the mid-IR spectral range. With the primoScan OPO series the dynamics of wavelength switching has been vastly increased, offering the ability for shot-to-shot tuning across the entire operation range. The automated control standard allows for hands-free operation and convenient usability.

Following GWU’s design philosophy, the primoScan has been designed for maximum reliability, constant performance, and long lifetime.

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If you have any questions or if you want further information on the primoScan or other GWU devices, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The primoScan OPO has been tailored for and thoroughly tested with Quantel by Lumibird’s lasers. The GWU scanSeries OPO are distributed worldwide by Lumibird. Please contact GWU-Lasertechnik or your local Quantel Lasers representative.

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