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July 2021

Exciting news from HC Photonics: >4 W @ 775 nm by CW-SHG in a PPLN waveguide.

Recently GWU’s partner HC Photonics introduced a new generation of MgO-doped PPLN waveguides. The technology allows for high power cw second harmonic generation with high efficiency. The results have been published in the prestigious journal “Optics Letters”.

From the abstract:
The power scaling of continuous-wave (CW) second harmonic generation (SHG)in a MgO:periodically poled lithium niobite(PPLN) ridge waveguide is investigated. The nonlinear coefficient and propagation loss factors of the MgO:PPLN waveguide are verified for future reference. The MgO:PPLN waveguide structure is determined  according to a practical fiber coupling configuration, as well as the theoretical model of output power characteristics. Utilizing the designed MgO:PPLN waveguide, the 775 nm  SHG power successfully reaches up to 4.02W at an incident power of 7W with overall conversion efficiency of 58%. Finally, a compact all-fiber waveguide conversion module is demonstrated for verifying the feasibility of commercial applications. ©2021 Optical Society of America

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