News of Beta-Barium-Borate

Beta-Barium Borate for versatile Applications.

Beta-Barium Borate (β-BaB2O4 or BBO) is one of the most-used crystals for non-linear optics. Like an old, trusted friend, it can help to solve your frequency conversion issues in various applications.

BBO provides high non-linear optical properties from the UV across the visible to the IR spectral range. It was developed by FIRSM, CAS (Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and is now manufactured by Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. (CASTECH). Castech holds the specialized proprietary techniques (flux-method) for BBO crystal growth, ensuring the steady availability of high-quality crystals.

No matter if individual pieces for R&D purposes are required or cost-efficient numbers in small, medium or large batches with in-time delivery for the production line are needed: GWU’s dedicated service helps to find the best core components for your application. GWU-Lasertechnik has more than 30 years of experience in distributing BBO crystals and manufacturing BBO-based laser devices. Choose GWU to benefit from our wide knowledge and in-field experience!

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