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Yb:CALGO – Ytterbium-CALGO

Product Description:
Ytterbium Calcium Aluminum Gadolinium Oxide (Yb:CaGdAlO4, called CALGO) is a promising new laser gain material which possesses several important advantages. The crystal structure is tetragonal. When it is pumped at 979 nm under Pi configuration, the emission spectrum exceeds 50 nm width and spreads from 994 nm to 1050 nm in theta configuration. This implies a very low quantum defect (down to 1.5%). Furthermore, the material has a high thermal conductivity. Due to these outstanding properties, Yb:CALGO is perfectly suitable for ultra-short pulse (USP) laser sources, generating femtosecond pulses with high average power directly from an oscillator.

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Yb:CALGO Key Features:
 High absorption coefficient at 979 nm
 High stimulated emission cross section
 Low laser threshold
 Extremely low quantum defect
 Broad emission spectrum 994 – 1050 nm
 High slope efficiency with diode pumping

Data Sheet: