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Ultrafast Harmonic Generator
UHG Series in a Honey Comb

The UHG series is a user-friendly Ultrafast Harmonic Generator (UHG) module capable of second, third, and fourth harmonic generation for ultrafast oscillators with options for pulse selection and automated tuning. The UHG series is designed to work with both femtosecond and picosecond oscillators.

The Ultrafast Harmonic Generator (UHG) series are flexible pico- and femtosecond laser sources for suitable for a broad variety of scientific and industrial applications requiring access to a wide spectrum of ultrashort laser pulses. By means of second harmonic generation (SHG), third harmonic generation (THG) and fourth harmonic generation (FHG) not only the wavelength range but also the versatility of NIR lasers can be vastly extended. In combination with widely tunable near-IR ultrafast lasers, the UHG-Series provides virtually gap free tuning from < 210 nm to 1300 nm when combined with the fundamental output. For all harmonics, a high conversion efficiency can be provided. In addition, the UHG Series is fully automated and allows for software control to tune both the fundamental and the harmonic wavelengths.

The pulse selector option inside the UHG head offers a Bragg cell for the highest output powers and contrast ratio. The system is capable of pulse selecting from single shot to 40 MHz and is positioned before all harmonic stages to offer the most features in a single compact housing. The UHG series is a flexible system suitable for a variety of scientific applications requiring access to a wide spectrum of femtosecond or picosecond laser pulses.

The GWU UHG-Series has been designed for and thoroughly tested with Spectra Physics ultrafast lasers. The UHG-Series is distributed worldwide exclusively by MKS Spectra Physics.

UHG-Series Features and Benefits:
 Modular design
 High efficiency conversion
 Virtually gap free tuning from the UV to the NIR
 Broadband optics for complete wavelength coverage
 Pulse Selector option
 Automated tuning option

Data Sheet:

Typical Tuning Curve with InSight X3
Specifications UHG/XLR
Typical Tuning Curve with Mai Tai HP
Specification of UHG-Series for Ti:Saph Lasers
Specifications Tabel
UHG-Series Dimensions
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