Optics for Laser Material Procesing

GWU-Lasertechnik‘s partner Castech is well-known for its high-precision optics. Our portfolio of Laser Components is now extended by Laser Material Processing Optics.
Our portfolio of Laser Components is now extended by Laser Material Processing Optics.

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Beam Expanders: Beam expanders are used to enlarge the diameter of collimated input beam and reduce beam divergence. We are offering two types of beam expanders: fixed magnification and variable magnification. The fixed magnification beam expander is with compact design, while the magnification and divergence of variable type are adjustable. Diverse magnifications can be covered to match the output diameters for various application requirements. Advanced polishing and coating technology have been used to ensure best beam quality and low insertion losses. 

F-Theta Lenses: F-theta lenses are used in laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting systems where constant scan rate and linear displacement are required. F-theta lenses are designed with a barrel distortion. This is resulting in a displacement that is linear with scanning angle. We can provide telecentric and non-telecentric F-theta lenses with low distortion. Castech’s laser components combine quality materials, proprietary polishing and coating techniques, and standard interface thread to ensure high laser damage threshold and compatibility.

Objective Lenses: Achromatic objective lenses are an infinity corrected lenses used for axial achromatic correction. It produces the same flat focus field for multiple imaging modes without introducing vignetting effect, so the observation image at the edge of the field of view can be natural and clear. Our laser objective lenses have characteristics of high NA, high LIDT, high transmission, and high flatness of field of view.

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