Narrow Linewidth
Narrow Linewidth at Visible Wavelength
Single Mode CW Laser Sources

Flexible wavelengths
All fiber-coupled solutions
Single mode linewidth up to < 700 Hz
Low noise and excellent stability
Power scalable

Our single mode fiber lasers

Narrow linewidth laser sources are boosting applications in quantum optics, atomic cooling and metrology. Extending the wavelength into the visible part of the spectrum is extending the opportunities in these applications tremendously.

Our single mode fiber lasers at 1 µm and 1 55 µm
can be combined with our wavelength Mixers. By SHG (e. g. 1560 nm –> 780 nm) or SFG (e. g. 1030 nm 1560 nm –> 620 nm) rugged light sources at visible wavelength can be tailored for your demand.

GWU-Lasertechnik’s partners NP Photonics and HC Photonics supply high-end products with superior performance and reliability. The setup is built on NP Photonics’ single-mode fiber lasers. The Rock laser series pair low noise and excellent stability with scalable powers from a few Milliwatts to the 10 W-level. HCP’s PPLN Mixer devices offer flexible wavelength conversion schemes with best efficiency. The Mixers are plug & play and can be fiber connected with the laser for convenient usability.

Got excited? Check out the downloads below and contact us to get the optimum laser setup for your application!

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