Multi-Channel Laser Systems

NP Photonics Multi-Channel Fiber Laser systems offers up to 5 ROCK fiber laser modules mounted on interchangeable line cards for convenient and dynamic provisioning. The ROCK laser is a high power, compact fiber laser suitable for sensing, LIDAR, test and measurement, and telecommunication applications. The fiber laser module incorporates proprietary fiber technology developed at NP Photonics. Each Fiber lase r provides up to 80 mW of output power (1530-1565 nm and 1030-1080 nm). It provides narrow linewidth with wide thermal tuning and piezo tuning bandwidths. It is most suitable for applications in harsh environments where low noise and wavelength stability are critical.

 Vibrational insensitive
 Narrow linewidth
 Wavelength 1530 nm – 1565 nm and 1030 nm – 1080 nm available
 High wavelength stability
 Integrated power loop
 Integrated noise reduction
 Integrated with pump laser
 Thermal wavelength tuning
 Fast piezo wavelength modulation

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