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BBO Pockels Cells
BBO Pockels Cells in a grey comb

The BBO Pockels Cells offer high extinction ratio, fast switching capability and high damage threshold. They provide an extraordinary transmission range from 210 nm to 2 µm. The BBO Pockels Cells can be configured in flexible design, free-space or fiber-coupled and can be equipped with driving electronics. All Pockels Cells can be provided with waveplate and Brewster windows to improve the lifetime and grant maximum convenience in handling. We offer different Pockels Cell geometries.

BBO Pockels Cell Key Features

BBO S-Series Pockels Cells:
Single crystal design for short length
Low absorption loss
High extinction ratio
High damage threshold

BBO D-Series Pockels Cells:
Dual crystal design
Low operation voltage
Fast switching capability
High damage threshold

BBO L-Series Pockels Cells:
Fiber-coupled input and output
Very low operation voltage
Fast switching capability
High damage thereshold

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