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GWU offers ovens and temperature controllers from HCP, perfectly suitable for all PPLN crystal products. Besides that, tailored chip mounts are available for all standard products and for most custom-made crystals.


Temperature Control Set

The HCP temperature controller and oven set allows for convenient temperature tuning of a PPLN crystal. The set is designed for high stability up to a temperature of 200 °C. The controller is programmable with a common I/O interface with USB connection.

Key Features:

  • PID control
  • Auto-tuning & programmable
  • Tuning step: 0.1°C
  • Temperature tuning range: ambient temp. to 200°C
  • Maximum power consumption: 24V/60W
  • Communication Interface: USB
  • GUI program included
  • CE, RoHS/REACH compliance

Chip Mounts

GWU provides both standard and customized holders to support your handling of nonlinear crystals from HCP. Together with the oven and temperature controller, the chip holder provides required temperature uniformity for convenient frequency conversion.

The size of the holder is tailored for each PPLN crystal series. The available length ranges from 0.3 mm for the short fs PPLN crystals to 80 mm for the longest crystals available. The chip holders are compatible with the oven and temperature controller set.


For more information about our Temperature Control Set from HCP please contact us!