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Q-Switched DPSS Lasers

Ixion 193

The Ixion 193 SLM is a single frequency all-solid-state laser system with customizable wavelength from 185 nm to 194 nm. [More]


The Excite is a single frequency all-solid-state laser system for applications in the UV, available at 266 nm and 355 nm. [More]

Impress Series

The Impress Series are high repetition rate solid-state diode pumped Q-switched lasers at 213 nm or 224 nm. [More]

Idol Series

The Idol Series are Q-switched 1342 nm lasers. The fundamental can be converted to powerful red and blue laser radiation. [More]

Xiton Photonics Logo

GWU offers diode pumped solid-state lasers paired with non-linear optics for wavelength extension, manufactured by its partner Xiton Photonics. Particularly addressing (deep-) UV applications, these devices are tailored for 24/7 operation in the production line. Available with single mode linewidth, especially metrology, interferometry and lithography will gain an enormous advantage.